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Sapor condimentSapor is line of condiments produced not by infusion but by pressing olives together with either lemons or fresh garlic cloves and rosemary leaves, all following the conclusion of the first milling of the olives.

The millstones crush the olives in combination with lemons grown biologically (in the case of the lemon condiment) or with garlic cloves and rosemary leaves (for the garlic condiment), following chopping and washing to produce the best possible fragrance.

The grinding gives us a paste of olives and lemons or garlic rosemary.

By pressing the paste we then have the aromatic oil that is sent to a separator, where the olive oil is divided from the lemon or garlic residue together with the vegetation water.

The result is a fragrant condiment rich in scents and aromas.

Some suggestions: 

Sapor Lemon Condiment is ideal for first courses of rice or meat entrees, as well as cooked vegetables and salads, condimento saporplus all dishes normally accompanied by a slice of lemon, and it can also be used as an ingredient in pound cake. The absence of citric acid, the separator takes off along with the vegetation water, gives a pleasant and delicate oil. 

Sapor Garlic and Rosemary Condiment is excellent on toasted appetizers and as a flavouring on roasts.

Comes in 0.250-litre and 0.100-litre bottles.

In the second picture our historical line Sapor's had from the very beginning, the bottle with spout and wood cap, available now for Belgium only.