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Brand new labelNew labels for Gabrielloni® evo oils. LAUDATO® style extends to other brands SOLIVO and VIRGORO. Blue, green, red. Three colours for three different feelings, tastes and scents.

Unique style for all bottles. Whole design of the new label and the rounded shape on top are registered at "The International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization".

As well as are also registered olive tree on top, product brand below and trademark at the bottom with our beloved Italian flag. The trademark including "Gabrielloni® and millstone" are embossed and come in rolled warm gold, likewise around the label an embossed string of rolled warm gold

Upon the olive tree an embossed rolled warm gold sentence dated back to the 1st century AD written by Roman agronomist Columella saying in Latin "olea prima arborum est" that's to say "among plants olive tree is the most important".  

The new label has three colours for three different feelings, tastes and scents: blue, green, red.

Blue for light fruity. Sweet olive oil, not too much spicy and bitter but smooth. A gourmet olive oil within everyone's reach. Blue is SOLIVO.

Green for medium fruity. Well-balanced in spicy and bitter. Topnotch olive oil for gourmands. Green is LAUDATO®.

Red for strong fruity. Very pungent and bitter. First-rate olive oil for skilled fine-food lovers. Red is VIRGORO.

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