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Rotary Club awards the Prize to the Gabrielloni® oil mill ables to bring Italian high-end olive oil in every foreign kitchens. Great satisfaction for Gabriella and Elisabetta running the facility.  

Rotary AwardRotary is one of the largest worldwide service associations born in Chicago in 1905.

Now by its clubs around the world Rotary gathers 1,4 million people among esteemed entrepreneurs, valuable self-employed, skilled artisans and whoever has achieved important cultural goals.

All members are committed to fostering long-lasting improvements in the community they live and in those ones far away. Among purposes Rotary aims there's indeed the local economy growth. This is the reason why Gabriella and Elisabetta have received the Prize.

Gabrielloni® oil mill supports both culture and economy of the village it works, namely Recanati in Marche Region, producing and selling topnotch extra virgin. Olive oil as means by which foreign cultures can be familiar with ours.
Rotary Club