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Atlante degli oli italiani

The Atlas of Italian olive oils, published this year by the well-known Mondadori publishing house, has inserted Laudato® among one hundred olive oils most symbolic for Italy.

Author of this essay is the writer and journalist Luigi Caricato, full professor of the prestigious olive and oil Academy of Spoleto, in Italy.

Luigi Caricato writes thoroughly the historical journey of the olive oil in Italy, deepening at the same time all its technical features, like organoleptic properties and ways of tasting. Following that, he adds a regional mapping of Italian varieties: from Casaliva located in Trentino to Sardinian Bosana and Sicilian Cerasuola, crossing Coroncina, one of the varieties of our Marches region, by which Laudato® has been made.

Descrizione Laudato Atlante oli italianiThe essay ends with the list of the most symptomatic Italian olive oils wherein Laudato® has been reviewed.

Luigi Caricato points out one hundred olive oils have been mentioned, sieving their "sensory qualities" and "the professional approach of companies."

In this list Laudato® has been described as a "subtle green olive oil with golden glares. It has fresh olive and herbs smell. It's soft and harmonious and its mild opening gradually turns into bitter and spicy notes with tasty artichoke and herbs flavours. Almond and cardoon touches in closing with a spicy hint."    

Well, this Atlas is a tribute for the olive oil, hence for Italy which "is to all intents," Luigi Caricato writes, "the quintessential Country for the olive oil."

"This is proved by its olive oils but even by those who patiently and carefully, with great style and skill have been able to bring goodness and uniqueness out from olive oils."

A strong bond ties olive oil to Italy: a perfect equivalence.

"Sure enough Italy is olive oil," Luigi Caricato underlines, "and not even a whatsoever olive oil, but only that one obtained from olives. Italy is olive oil to the extent that the symbol of the Italian Republic has an olive branch."