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Logo Takashimaya

Historic and renowned Japanese Store Takashimaya enlarges of a new product. Laudato® becomes part of Italian food and beverage range of the Company. 

Takashimaya's considered in Japan and on International market a Group aimed at the high quality and uniqueness in various sectors, such as high fashion, prestigious furnishings, beauty products and niche food and beverage. 

We're very proud Takashimaya is our Partner and this is reason to incentive in keeping of high quality standards.

Japanese people take care products offered by the market, mainly about food items that concern directly human body and its health.

By the same careful and preciseness Mr. Kazuya Hirata (on your left), the known Food and Beverage Division's buyer of Takashimaya, visited our Premises time ago.

Kazuya Hirata

Mr. Hirata very knowledgeable about niche food and olive oil taster, after seeing our Firm first-hand and trying our extra virgin olive oils, decided to show Gabrielloni® at the Italian Fair, exhibition inside of Takashimaya, entirely aimed at the Italian food, beverage and handicraft.

Our product met very well end-consumers' taste and aroused also interest for its traditional working process.

Read below a brief description about our Company posted on facebook by Mr. Hirata:

「7種のオリーブ、見事な調和」イタリア中部マルケ州のバイタリティあふれるオリーブオイル生産者、Gabrielloni (ガブリエッローニ)ラウダートと名付けられたオイルは、全て自家農園の手摘みのオリーブから作られます。酸化を防ぐため、収穫された実は直ちに次の工程へ。実を巨大な石臼で挽くという伝統手法でペースト状にして、オイルを抽出。

It's a huge achievement for us to be Partner of one of the main Japanese Variety Shops, also because (many of you do not know it), Takashimaya was the first Variety Shop in Japan to organize in 1956 an Italian Fair inside of its Stores