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Condimento balsamico - agresto

Agresto is a type of sweet-sour sauce widely used since ancient times.

Generally the aromatic vinegar is obtained by mixing wine vinegar and must of the usual grape, whereas Agresto is made from the so-called "agresta" grape must. Small, hard, green "Agresta" grapes are, leaving on the highest shoots of the vine since, still unripe, they're not picked during the harvest time. The traditional country method is to harvest them in November and press them into a sauce with a low level of acidity, not aged unlike the usual aromatic vinegar.

Agresto is used to flavour vegetables, onions, potato casseroles, salads and boiled meat. It reaches the very top if dosed on carpaccio with mushrooms and parmesan, salad with radicchio and parmesan, beef tenderloin and hot ricotta savoury pie.

Fluid on the palate, Agresto introduces itself with a tangy note, only to conclude with a pleasantly sweet taste.

Comes in 0.100-litre and 0.040 litre stylish bottles.