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aurum  Extra-virgin olive oil

Aurum is an outstanding extra-virgin olive oil produced from a selection of olives grown in the Gabrielloni olive groves. Only the best olives are handpicked, before reaching full ripeness, and then processed on the very same day. This makes it possible to produce an olive oil with as low level of acidity but a rich stock of polyphenols and aromatic substances.

Perfect for fish dishes, it is also excellent on pasta, and especially the egg-based varieties. It makes the flavour of meats and fresh vegetables, going especially well with legumes.

The Aurum luxury line of extra-virgin olive oil is meant for those who, in addition to appreciating the distinctive features of an extra-virgin olive oil produced according to traditional methods, are also aficionados of works of authentic Italian design. Both Aurum lettering and the band of small coated olive leaves, embracing the neck of the elegant bottle, are entirely gold-bathed and drop-forged by hand. The latter, embellished with onyx stones, if requested those of the Swarovski brand, it makes for an exquisite, highly original ring.

An elegant case holds Aurum like a jewel box, as if to preserve its rare refinement over time.

Comes in 0.100-litre and 0.040 litre exquisite bottles.

Aurum Mignola

  high quality extravirgin olive oil Gabrielloni

This excellent extra-virgin olive oil is produced from a selection of only the best “Mignola” olives, a traditional variety native to the Marche region and especially common in the provinces of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno and Ancona. The olives are handpicked in the Gabrielloni olive groves, before they reach full ripeness, and processed on the very same day, explaining the intense green colour and yellow highlights of the olive oil, traceable to its high carotene content. It also has a very low level of acidity and a rich stock of aromatic substances and polyphenols.

Embellishing the neck of the Aurum Mignola bottle is a hand forged pendant made from a real olive leaf of this variety. The dehydrated olive leaf has on the edge a Swarovski and it's coated in gold plating to symbolise pace and harmony… A gift full of meaning and sure to be greatly appreciated by those who receive it.

Comes in 0.100-litre exquisite bottle.


olio extravergine di oliva di altissima qualità - Aurum