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Gambero RossoIn the extra virgin olive oil ranking of Gambero Rosso, handled by Mr Stefano Polacchi (Editor in Chief) and Mr Indra Galbo (Deputy Administrator of Italian Olive Oil Guide), Laudato® is present.

The product insertion into Gambero Rosso places once again seal on Laudato® quality, and not only.

It places seal in retroactive way even over all the production chain and therefore over whatever the production chain is able to make, included chocolates and marmalades.

Steps leading to realize Laudato® as well as those ones bringing to produce Solivo, Virgoro, Sapor, but even Olive Harmony olive jam and Armonia Drops pralines, are artisan stages

Supervised steps, time-validating and confirmed in their accuracy and soundness by connoisseurs esteeming products and magazines mentioning them steadily as example of authentic Italian quality.  

After explaining briefly Gabrielloni® company, Gambero Rosso describes our olive oil as a "fine medium fruity with vegetable and fruity notes calling to mind the apple, without hiding a gentle dried fruit hint. On the palate you feel a balanced and well-lasting bitter and spicy."  

Exact explanation and, as above-written, confirming a process starting from olive groves and finishing with bottling.

Gambero Rosso Laudato