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Rotary Club awards the Prize to the Gabrielloni® oil mill ables to bring Italian high-end olive oil in every foreign kitchens. Great satisfaction for Gabriella and Elisabetta running the facility.  

Fondazione AntArtisanal Gabrielloni® oil mill supports ANT Foundation for home health care services to cancer patients. A free aid directly at the sick’s house, a comprehensive help with all required medical care.

Women Entrepreneur AwardWomen Entrepreneur Award to Gabriella and Elisabetta Gabrielloni, sisters and company owners. The prize has been given by LODO® International Guide to the World's Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Brand new labelNew labels for Gabrielloni® evo oils. LAUDATO® style extends to other brands SOLIVO and VIRGORO. Blue, green, red. Three colours for three different feelings, tastes and scents.

Best Monocultivar Olive OilArtisanal GABRIELLONI® olive oil mill takes 2 Gold Medals with Virgoro Ascolana Dura and Mignola monocultivar extra virgin olive oil at The World's Best Monocultivar Olive Oil Competition, Exhibition, Cooking-Pairing.

oliocentrico traditional italian recipeOliocentrico olive oil magazine publishes traditional Italian recipe of limoncini sweets. Dough and frying by SOLIVO olive oil. Gabrielloni®'s owner Mrs. Elisabetta shows how to make them. Watch video