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ForbesOn the olive oil ranking Forbes Italy draws up you find EMILIO, the luxury-dressed extra virgin olive oil produced in limited edition. An Italian artisan label the global business esteems.

Celebrities, lifestyles, culture, success stories about fashion, information technology, automotive industry, food, science, health, weaved together in doing business.

Forbes grasps all that, it thinks that out and it writes about.

Noteworthy the detailed economic studies, but maybe more known and famous are annual lists of the richest persons on earth Forbes edits. 

Accurate lists explained through real business trends of the year taken into account.

This is why Forbes' lists are identified worldwide like a trustworthy judgment, so as other rankings it's started making, based on the reputation achieved.

Thus, here you are the most beautiful 10 hotels in the world, the best 50 café on earth, the most 50 charitable people in US, the Australia's 50 richest and so forth up to the best 10 extra virgin olive oils in Italy.

EMILIO extra virgin olive oil has got on list, considered by Forbes one of the Italian excellences for its flavours and scents, highlighting the artisan and traditional working process of millstones and presses.