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Olive JamDrawing on the masterful art of selecting mixes of freshly harvested olives and milling them with the traditional “disk” method to produce one of the best olive oils in the Marche region, Gabriella and Elisabetta Gabrielloni have pushed their creative instincts even further, experimenting with the rich taste of their olives to create a new flavour experience.

The result is a unique marmalade in a handsome shade of maroon, produced by the Gabrielloni Olive Mill under the name of Armonia di Olive.

Whether spread on bread or used to give added flavour to stewed or roasted meats, Olive Harmony is a delight for the palate.

Its richly scented, well balanced taste also makes a perfect match for fish and shellfish dishes. In combination with dips made for short crust or pan brioche, it can contribute to the creation of intriguing hors-d’oeuvres and finger sandwiches or appetizers to accompany cocktails.

While olive marmalade would seem best suited to salted delicacies, it does not disappoint, but actually proves tantalising and tasty, when combined with sweets and desserts.

Characteristics of taste and aroma

Armonia di Olive is a marmalade made from olives harvested when freshly ripe, rich in scents of vegetables and spices, sweetened with the addition of sugar at 67 per cent. Analysed in the laboratory, it proves to be a nutritionally balanced product and, even more importantly, one with an extremely high phenol content: at 4,500 mg/Kg approximately 6 times the level of the olive oils with the most bountiful supplies of such compounds.

All this is the result of the care and attention taken throughout the production process, in order to supply a product with the highest levels of health and nutrition possible while ensuring elevated levels of food safety.

For each 100 gr of product: 55 gr of fruit, 68 gr of sugars.
Ingredients: olives 55%, water, sugar, lemon rind, onion, honey, powdered ginger.

Quantity 110 grams 160 grams                  340 grams
Jar glass glass                            glass
Glass clear clear                             clear
Height 62 mm 86 mm                         114 mm
Diameter 57 mm 57 mm                          67 mm
Gross weight 207 grams 267 grams                    515 grams
Max jars in a box    
Max boxes in a pallet    



Olive Harmony by Gabrielloni